With over 500 Rapidos in use in the NHS and Private Sector its fair to say its a well established leader in the Day Surgery Sector.

Built to operating table standards, the Rapido retains the adaptability of an operating table in a lightweight trolley formate. It really is a three in one trolley being a transport trolley, operating table and recovery chair - all in one.

Adjustment of height, back rest, lateral tilt, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg are made from the head end of the Rapido - no need to go into the sterile field.

All adjustments are gas spring assisted - no need to worry if the trolley has been charged, the Rapido is always ready for action.

There are a number of different head and foot sections available for specialist surgery, a quick look at our Operating Table accessory brochure will give you some idea!

Needless to say with over a 100 years experience of operating table manufacture the Rapido is has reliability built in.

Not only is the Rapido light and easy to move, it is also easy to clean. The smooth lower casing has no troughs to hide dirt or bacteria, itn is easy to wipe clean between patients. Even the side rails can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.

The particular needs of the surgeon were at the forefront of the Rapido\'s design, the smooth lower casing is void of any operating pedal allowing the surgical team to stand close to the patient. The open architecture of the base allows easy access for a c-arm or patient hoist.

From Admission to Discharge Lounge, the patient can remain on the Rapido in comfort and by eliminating manual handling the risk of staff back injuries are greatly reduced.