Practico II Shoulder Table

Widely regarded as the best shoulder arthroscopy beach chair operating table available .

Building on the success of the previous model, the Practico II incorporates a number of subtle improvements suggested by members of the British Elbow & Shoulder Surgery Society.

What makes the Practico II so good?

The Practico offers optimum surgical access to the shoulder via large removable panels in the backrest. A single latch mechanism releases each section which pivot downwards, making it easier to remove with obese patients.

The unique headrest has a wide range of height adjustments; the angle of the head rest is  adjustable and it also moves from side to side to accomodate smaller patients.

Positioning is so easy, simply release the head rest and place the patient in the desired position, the head rest adjust to the patient - even those with scoliosis or limited neck movement.

The special patient support belt system and multi-position arm board hold the patient comfortably and securely in position throughout.

The new Practico II has an increased maximum patient weight of 225kg , dual control system and a return to zero function.

If that wasn\'t enough the new Practico comes with all the accessories for shoulder surgery and a general head surgery head rest all within the purchase price.

With a Three Year Warranty and Inclusive Maintenance Contract, the Practico is unbeatable!

Ideal for all types of arthroscopic shoulder surgery, shoulder decompression surgery and total shoulder replacement.