Practico II

Looking for a low cost powered operating table with cutting edge design and Finnish quality  precision engineering, then look no further, the Practico Operating Table is here!

With over 100 years experience of operating table manufacture its fair to say Merivaara understands your needs, a simple to use operating table that is suitable for all types of surgery at a sensible price.

Using the latest technology, the electrically powered Practico II has powered height, lateral tilt, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg and back rest functions. The head rest and foot sections are gas spring assisted and quick to adjust.

We can even offer a traversing table top or kidney bridge if required.

The stylish and rugged handset incorporates a return to zero facility and all the handset functions are duplicated on a seperate column mounted control pad, no need to worry if you damage the handset, the Practico is always ready for work.

There are a wide range of accessories available including a low cost orthopaedic extension, ideal for fractures or hip arthroscopy and Mayfield Doro attatchments for Neurosurgical procedures.

We havent forgotten the needs of the patient or staff in the Practico design, the table is light and easy to move but very stable when locked for surgery.

The smooth lines of the Practico ensure it is quick and easy to clean between patients.

Not only that but you have the choice of a pressure care or traditional moulded mattress set at no extra cost.

Why pay more, when the Practico does it all?